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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 15, 2012 11:45am-1:00pm EDT

11:45 am >> live coverage of the national book festival. next weekend on booktv on c-span2. it takes place on the national in washington d.c.. go to to get the full schedule. >> dinesh d'souza talk about what a second term for the obama administration would look like. the president's policies would reduce america's global influence. it is an hour and 10 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. please sit down. i am excited and thrilled to be here. with barack obama in this
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election year, i think we are dealing with one of the most mysterious and odd figures ever to occupy the oval office. a few days ago i received a phone call. i didn't recognize the area code but the phone call was from kenya. it was actually george obama, the president's half brother. the youngest son of barack obama. he said dinesh, my 2-year-old son is in the hospital. he has a serious chest condition and i wonder if you would be willing to help me. are you at the hospital? he said yes. and the phone to the nurse. so he did and the nurse confirmed that george's son is sick with a chest infection.
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i would send him a thousand dollars by western union but before i hung up the phone i said isn't there anybody else he you can ask? why are you calling me? he said no. he said dinesh, this killed me, you are like a brother to me. i thought to myself here is a young man who is the half brother of the president of the united states, barack obama is not only of multimillionaire but the most powerful man in the world. and yet his half-brother can't call him in a time of need and this same half brothers living in a 6 x 10 at slum dog millionaire style in nairobi. he has to walk through sewage to get to the nearest street. this is a a guy not just living
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in poverty but in third-world poverty. what is going on here? the simple explanation is barack obama is a hypocrite. he has made the ideas that we have obligations to our fellow man the centerpiece of his reelection campaign, one of his favorite lines he recently added at the national prayer breakfast is we are our brother's keeper. in my film "2016: obama's america," the film is coming to michigan. look at our website in the film i asked george, obama says we are our brother's keeper. you are his brother. what has he done to keep you?
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quite revealing the george says go ask him. hypocrisy would seem to be the natural explanation. george is not an isolated case. barack obama has his father and sister not counting his immediate family. his closest living relative. as we speak she is selling coal on the streets of a small village in kenya. she has no teeth and wants to get dentures but doesn't have the money. obama hasn't contributed a penny to help her either. in 2006 obama went to his home town where his father grew up. a local school there and they were so excited they renamed the school barack obama school. obama toward the school of all kinds of celebrities and the prime minister of kenya and obama said i will help the school and provide books and facilities and you don't have sanitation or proper water
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supplies. i will look after you. since then the school has had multiple respect and letters and reminders but absolutely no help forthcoming from obama. once again the simple explanation is we are dealing with a guy who doesn't live by his own standards. but i want to suggest there is a deeper mystery than that. something else is going on. here we get to the heart of the ideological mystery of barack obama. who is this guy. there is an effort to fit obama in american history or a civil rights guy or martin luther king guy or a progressive. and an effort to issue a warrant obama into american history. i want to argue that attempt
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ignores obama's own history. his own story. one of the most striking aspect of the film is we use obama's own voice. i got the idea for the film after serving on amazon and noticed obama read his own book in audio books. quite a striking book because when you listen to obama for example he does multiple accidents. he does black-and-white and men and women and i realize. obama telling his own story. i got the idea of teaming up with a hollywood guy and lucky to find gerald mullen, a closet conservative in hollywood. longtime partner of steven spielberg. the producer of twister and jurassic park, schindler's list. got the idea this is not like a tv documentary.
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more like out of africa and shot in hawaii, chicago, new york, indonesia, can yet and it raises on barack obama on who this guy is and what his underlying compass is. where does he actually won to take america? the puzzle of obama is we try to understand him in conventional democratic categories. obama will block and restrict and regulate oil drilling in america and tempted to say he is an environmentalist. kind of another al bore. he is worried the earth has . he is worried the earth has a fever, global warming.
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but he is promoting oil drilling in other countries. billions of dollars of taxpayer money to preserve al and colombia to drill for oil and so y that deeper mystery. when we turn to taxes and debts we find the same thing. obama seems to be spending money promiscuously, racking up the national debt, the highest george bush deficit in one year was under 500 and bush was a big spender. the lowest obama deficit is $1 trillion so obama as added $5 trillion to the national debt. in the next four years if elected he will add $5 trillion more. at that point america would be $20 trillion in debt.
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$20,000,000,000 in debt. one half of that debt added by one man. from george washington through george w. bush $10 billion. under obama in eight years ten more. and the danger of that is america now is not just facing decline but collapse. it is one thing for a rich country to spend irresponsibly to rack up credit card but at a certain point in which any responsible person can see you are reaching the point where someone will take away your car and your house and keep spending in this way when you are approaching this point. what possible logic could that hatch. when you look at the international scene you see some troubling developments that are equally mysterious. obama says we have to prevent genocide and the uses for
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against libya. the number of people killed by gaddafi at that point was two hundred fifty. meanwhile over a period of many months tens of thousands of people have been killed in syria and obama refuses to use force. what explains why he intervenes with force? obama has been active in egypt in pushing hosni mubarak out of power but now that there's a power struggle between the military and the muslim brotherhood the obama administration is intervening on the side of the muslim brotherhood. obama has more on the egyptian military better turn power to the muslim brotherhood or we will cut off military aid. obama can say i am a champion of democracy and these people were freely elected and yet a year earlier in 2009 when there were
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massive demonstrations bigger than in iran calling for democracy, end of the laws and free elections obama refused to support the democrats. he said we got to stay out of it. there is a big debate going on in iran and we will let them settle it. it was settled with the mullahs beating the protesters and that was that. why is obama intervening here but not their? as far as i can tell no explanation. to get obama is not enough to look at the things he is doing. you have to dig a little and see why he is doing them. what is the underlying single standard that can unravel obama's apparent double standard? we get a clue from this when we actually look at obama's past. obama's dream is not the
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american dream. at least not as understood by the founders. it is not even martin luther king's dream. the theme of the film and of my new book called "obama's america," obama's dream is the dream from his father. that is the title of his autobiography. his father who grew up in kenya who was a third world guy, anti american guy who by his own claim was a socialist and anti colonialist his father was absent for most of obama's life. what i didn't realize what i started writing about this was the impact of obama's mother. obama's mother is a girl from kansas. the all-american girl. she was quite a radical. there is the sixteenth girl before the 60s and when did --
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barack obama. he divorced her and she went looking for another third-world anti-american guy. and indonesian guy. the point about obama's mother is in the absence of the father cultivating young obama. your father is a mythic figure. might compare him to mandel of -- nelson mandela. barack obama was not that he was driving drunk in kenya and killed a man in a drunk driving accident. this is not the real barack obama but this was cultivated in obama's mind. and his dad was not like that.
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and this great dad of ours was not the guy you think he was and obama has a crisis. one of the pivotal scenes in our film is when obama sort of reconciles with his father and as in -- sir of accepting his father with all his flaws and flatly rejecting him and what he does is splits the difference. he divides his father into two. good father and bad father and he says i will not be like my father as a man. i am not going to copy his personality. i am going to take his dream. i will adopt his ideals and make them mine and carry them out. this is barack obama's if you will anti colonial dream. interestingly throughout his
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life obama sought out a bunch of guys, obama founding fathers. you won't find madison and jefferson on that list. these are the guys obama sought out. to and from into them on the street. it is quite a group. in hawaii the former communist frank marshall davis colombia bloggers land and member of the palestine national council described by commentary magazine as professor of terror. in harvard law school, brazilian socialists rubber go under - --roberto unger to gang up on the united states. and the premier, and bring america from being number one.
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he left harvard in the 90s to join the socialist government of brazil. too radical for them and they threw him out. and back in harvard where he seems to fit right in. then obama went on to hitch up with a domestic terrorist and jeremiah right, god damn america himself. these were his buddies. people who obama sought as people who in a sense could teach chapter and verse of the anti colonial ideology. what was this ideology? the key to understanding anti colonialism is it is seen as the product -- and how did the -- why do people live better in
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britain and germany and america than in rio they janeiro or jakarta or mumbai. and -- wealth is not earned. it is basically the result of piracy. in 1965 barack obama senior wrote an article on the east africa journal talking what does the country do when you have rich guys at the top and mentioned a bunch of solutions but one of them is very high tax rates. and theoretically nothing could stop the government from taxing 100% of income. 1 hundred% tax rates. anyone familiar with economics would know this is nuts. why would anyone propose it? but once you plug in the
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underlying anti colonial ideas actually makes sense. imagine if you came to my house and stole my furniture. and 100%. not your furniture. and there's nothing wrong with the government taking it back. you didn't build that. not you. it is society. ..
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>> that america is a source of exploitation. if you look at the door moon of obama's policy, domestic and foreign, they are kind of went. domestically, he is expanding the power at home, locally and she is reducing america's power in the world. why would obama supports oil drilling abroad are not here? and has nothing to do with
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environmentalism. i don't think obama cares if the earth is getting hotter or colder. what he is attempting his global energy redistribution. he is trying to make sure that the previously colonized country has more energy so they can grow faster. he is putting the expense on when you colonizer. why is obama promiscuously spending money is that the deficit doesn't matter? very obviously, if the republicans didn't have the congress, he would've spent a lot more. the reason he is doing it is he is using debt as a way to settle america's colonial debt. in other words from the idea that america owes the world. big-time. trillions of dollars. now, obama knows that, but he can't possibly propose a foreign aid program. think about how debt achieves the same result.
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if our children and grandchildren are saddled with this debt, they're going to have to pay it back. a good deal of the debt is owned by the kuwaitis and saudis end the chinese, that becomes a form of global redistribution now ,-com,-com ma consider the so-called arab spring. why is obama intervening over here but not over there? >> to dictators have been kicked out. to some degree, they are allied with the united states. qadhafi is a bug.
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i admit it. in 2002, he has been a relatively well behaved dog. doing business with america. hosni mubarak. bashar al-assad. so what is going on here. do i have the temerity to suggest that obama is actually -- does he hate america? is he trying to destroy the country? well, here's what he's trying to do. he is trying to reduce america's spoken in the middle east. and in the world, because he thinks that we have been stepping on the world.
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obama is taking us down to 300 warheads. then he goes around promising that he dreams of a world free of nuclear weapons. kind of a nice idea, i guess. the only weapons you can reduce or actually his own, nyc doing it? he is doing it to level nuclear playing field. he is essentially slashing america's nuclear arsenal so that he can end the era of
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american superiority where america is globally dominant. he is trying to restore the world of colonialism. i believe obama wants us to go back this world. you can understand where obama is going if you don't understand its core ideology.
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remember, we haven't even seen the real obama. we will see the real obama only in the second term. the first-term president is kind of tethers public opinion, yes to maintain constituencies. in the second term, he can come out of the closet. he can be himself. does america want to go this way? obama is not a traditional democrat. obama would be perfectly happy if we were number 18 in number 64. just one normal country like. he is fundamentally looking through globalize.
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as you can match them, one man can do that in eight years. surely, america will be a lot poorer and weaker and america would cease to be a special country. the american forces would not have great worth around the world, and currency would be worthless. and at that point, americans would despise president obama. why? because he will have achieved single-handedly went no one has been able to do before. no roman emperor could have single handedly run down the roman empire. people talk about ending the british empire, it took to destructive world wars to do that. in 2016, as obama gets ready to
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clean out his office, and he waits to say well done, good and faithful servant. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> we have a few questions? i believe that we do. questions from the audience? >> my question is if there is a god in heaven, and obama has a 50 year, what you think that the president will do to further the dreams from his father? >> the question is what would obama looked to do in a second term. my earlier book, it was published in 2010. it covered about 15 months of the obama presidency. it was a book that advanced a bold theory about obama. there wasn't enough that obama did that can prove or disprove the theory.
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the new book, which is "obama's america", it also begins to look forward to the next term. if we look forward to 2016, if i were president obama and i was trying to achieve a shrinking of america's footprint in the world, how would i do it? >> well, first of all, i would be very focused on the problem of the state of israel. why is that? because israel, in my view, and in obama's view, is a little colonial power sitting on muslim land. the people fighting israel from that point of view are seen as freedom fighters. by the way, this helps to explain why obama is wrongly perceived as a secret muslim. he's actually not. but he seems weirdly sympathetic to muslim jihad is fighting against america and israel. that is what causes people to
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think he is a muslim. the reason he supports those guys is the occupied people are pushing out the occupiers. one question would be, and this would be a difficult and bold question, how do i remove the state of israel? remember, if you are an anti-colonialist, it's not a enough to get the west bank and gaza strip. israel is sitting on muslim land. so you have to get that back. in my first book, i outlined how obama can do that. the second challenge in the middle east, three important countries, egypt, there is iran, and saudi arabia. since 1979, egypt has been in the hands of the radical muslims. for 25 years it was just a run. now, egypt is in its way into
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the radical islamic orbit. that leaves, in my mind, one country, saudi arabia. so if i were obama, in the second term i would demand that the saudi royal family put itself on the ballot against the muslim brotherhood. i would say that we in america support democracy and you have to be a democrat, put your names on the ballot and see who wins. it is kind of obvious who would win that election. it would be the muslim brotherhood. if that happens, then the radical muslims control the tripod of three significant countries in the region. so these are some of the very important and relevant issues. notice that i am not wildly conjecturing. i'm talking about things that
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have already happened and what the logical next step will be. next question. >> when will 2016 be available on dvd? >> okay, so the film is currently, as of now, it is in theaters. it is one of the top 10 films in america. so 600 theaters next friday, and we hope to be everywhere by the time of early september when americans really begin to focus as a country on politics. the film will remain in the theaters through september, may be the first week of october, and we will have one month after the to do dvds, home box office, various other formats, television, so the dvd will be in the last four weeks, leading up to the election.
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>> wonderful speech and a wonderful program. what you think is in obama's college records he has deal with, and his work record, nyc have a selective service card from connecticut when he never lived in connecticut. part two, what do you think his relationship as to the biblical antichrist? >> well, obama -- there tends to be a lot of emphasis on the controversy with obama. interestingly, obama took the sats to get into college. but his sat score is unknown. i colombia, his grades and gpa are unknown. he wrote a thesis. the contents are on known.
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"the new york times" wanted to interview him when he was a student at columbia. not even people who room with him or where his classmates for janitors who clean their rooms, nobody knew obama. he refused to provide such information. obama recently in the book by david maraniss's book, when maraniss went to obama, he said no, i had lots of girlfriends. which is interesting because none of them have come forward. no journalist has ever interviewed any of them. this is a man with many black holes in his biography.
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we were like, we've never been interviewed, no one's been done here. so incredibly, this is the biggest story in america, and it is uncovered in the mainstream press. it is not good for democratic policies. not just the liberal media, the liberal media was pretty tough on clinton and john carter. there was another factor that is going on here that leaves people in the press to not cover obama, but when the people who try to bring it out, and he gives a reaction that you can expect.
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>> there are some people who couldn't have a logical discussion about this discussion. but i know i'm going to go see this movie. [applause] and the people who are not here, the people who refuse to talk about it will go to this movie? >> the way to make the film
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succeed is for conservatives to go to it. if the film is a massive success among conservatives, the liberals will start screaming. when the liberals start screaming, i don't decide a couple days ago -- but i was on piers morgan he had a very couple of moments where he had a constipated look on his face. [laughter] but he was stuttering. his basic question was, you can't say that. you can't possibly believe that. liberal indignation is actually -- it's written right into our marketing strategy. [applause] [laughter] but the point being when independence sure that everyone is talking about this, there is a big hubbub about it, that is how you get independents into the theater. it is actually something you can do even if you have like-minded
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friends. it is important. conservative films generally don't make it into the theater. it is important that her film do well in order to generate the kind of debate and have the kind of reach that we need to have. yes? >> what really baffles me as much as we do know about obama, at least some of it, and based upon your research and some other books that have been published, how are the liberals able to keep all of this out of the mainstream press, when a conservative mentions anything -- some of them write like they
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have been sponsoring obama like the chosen one like you can save the world. he has gone away with -- i don't want to use the word murder, but what was impossible a few years ago. i think you are dealing with two meteors are coming from different places that happen to be firing in the same direction. they're sort of that european condescension. obama sentiments coming from different shores. third world anti-americanism baked in the anti-colonial atmosphere of the 60s and
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70s. there is anti-colonialism in europe also, but there is a big difference. but the anti-colonialism is based on rage these are ships in secret weapon is that he is able to offer white america a certificate of racial absolution. [applause] it is by virtue of being an african-american president, not jesse jackson were all
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sharpening. he allows people to feel really good about supporting him, obama does. thinking about a guy like chris matthews. i met him 25 years ago and debated him. chris matthews is a pretty hard guy. he is the chief of staff, would hang out with the longshoremen in boston. you notice when he talks about obama, he becomes assertively effeminate. [laughter] he talks about chills running down his leg, he embarrasses himself and his family. why does he do that? why does he do that? now, the reason he does that is that it's nothing to do with obama. chris matthews is simply asking in his own wonderfulness. he is basically patting himself on the back, saying that i am such a morally admirable person, that i can vote for barack obama. there is a sort of incredible power that you see in the
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mainstream media, in which it is seen as morally important for the united states and for obama to succeed. that is part of the reason why you have this media support for obama. >> as an extension of what i said earlier, i thought we had a constitution and a congress that would make it impossible for a man like obama to become president of the united states, let alone keep his job for a second term. by that, i mean he use his uses executive orders to do what he wants to do, congress is not standing up. he has done away with a lot of stuff that would not be permissible to be in our constitution. >> yeah, i want to move on. >> you mentioned that obama uses
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the tools of debt to redistribute the wealth of the united states. i'm wondering, i read a lot about gold and silver and debt, and how the federal reserve works. you engage in, based on your understanding from that he's going to use the tools -- an inflation for middle-class americans? >> the question is about death and the way that money is devalued and that is out there now. for a while, when i was thinking about my book, "obama's america", was wrestling with this and thinking, wow, if obama has these policies of hurting the rich, it's actually going to hurt a lot of ordinary americans as well. even poor americans. quite frankly, if you start
12:29 pm
printing money from rich people don't generally have their money in cash. poor people are more likely to have their money intolerable form that are going to drop in value to 50 cents or whatever. why would obama do this it would hurt the middle class and hurt the poor. then it occurred to me that the middle class and the poor are not poor by world standards. in other words, we talk about the 1% from the 99%. my office in new york is by occupy wall street. and they all say, we are the 99%. in the office is all the 1% people. but those in america, if you apply a global standard, you see that even middle-class americans were poor americans, if you make $20,000 a year, you are wealthy by world standards. from the editorial point of view, even you ought to pay. the bottom line is that to understand talking about obama,
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you have to resist the rhetoric. even on the conservative side. but obama doesn't realize it won't really help the economy. welcome he's not trying to help the economy. [laughter] obama doesn't realize that the shooter might is not our friend. and the muslims, this will not inspire those in rent to do the same. i believe nobody knows that. he's not trying to do that. we say that he's trying to turn six. no, he intends to have these results but he is getting. [applause] >> afternoon.
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i want to do on the spot, but i would like to donate $50 to your cost. next time you decide asked for money, added in there. conservatives dig into their own pockets. liberals tend not to self. [laughter] [applause] >> well, your permission, i will buy a ticket or tickets to the phone for some young people that would not otherwise go. [applause] >> my question is simply if obama is given a second term, what are the changes in his cabinet -- what type of changes do you see happening that would help them achieve his goal? godspeed. >> i think obama has had to, in his personal appointments, be a
12:32 pm
little bit cautious in the first term. partly because he was new and he needed to figure out how to operate and maneuver, and so he started with some clinton people. and he realized pretty soon that the clinton people were trying to block him. they were trying to block them because they are traditional democrats. again and again on iraq and afghanistan. he said we are trying to find a good taliban people. they have yet to service. apparently the obama people are trying to find him.
12:33 pm
one thing that is opposed by hillary clinton and key people around him, and this is why the whole idea that obama is a big, fat, bungler is not true. obama has actually redefined the citizen's relationship to the government. he has redefined foreign policy or that he has shrunk our footprint in the world. he has achieved more in one term than just about any democrat. from his point of view. he is exceeding spectacularly. >> i've heard christopher hitchens on senator gaetz and several others. i'm curious, are you going to be
12:34 pm
a support person of god or is there something else [inaudible] >> the question is a little bit about my second career. i am the president of a liberal arts college, it's a christian college. i have 1 foot in two worlds. i write about politics, and i've been there now for 25 years. i'm a secular writer. in the last two years, i have been taking on many of the leading atheist around the country and debating him on campus. christopher hitchens was my most formidable opponent. obviously, we miss him. he died a few months ago. yes, i am still doing through for those debates here. it keeps us thinking about the big questions that remain really important. but i attention out is focused through much on obama. i realize that i didn't address the question about the
12:35 pm
antichrist from earlier. it is kind of like a mosquito at a nudist colony. i'm not sure where to begin with that one. [laughter] >> thank you for coming to michigan. i think that reagan was known as a great communicator, obama's legacy will be the great destroyer. it took years to build the towers and a couple of hours to knock them down. it's harder to build a business venture destroyer. but at any rate, you made a comment in 2016 when obama cleans out his desk. my thing is that he so hates our
12:36 pm
constitution, that what makes you think we will ever have elections after that were that he will do away with this? [applause] >> the question is about obama and he subscribes to an ideology that wants a very different america. in the late 19th century, there was a debate in britain. britain was at the peak of its influence between israeli, and his opponent,, william gladstone about his empire. what makes us great is that we are a world power. what makes us forget that we have the largest economy in the world. we matter. and this is what defines british greatness. gladstone said, no. he said, i am for this empire.
12:37 pm
interestingly, gladstone could not realize his own vision. it took two world wars to bring down the british empire. across the span of time, obama believes in a smaller america, smaller economy and obama says this directly. he says we have 5% of the world's population, but we use 25% of the worlds resources.
12:38 pm
obama implicitly sets forward his standards. so in a beer around 1945, it can actually come to an end in 2016. quite honestly, if it does, obama has nothing left to do. he will have actually achieved his goal, if i am correct, but that is actually his goal. >> i was wondering what your thoughts are about why president obama authorize the military action -- [inaudible question]
12:39 pm
>> the question is obama, in his his book, the advisory of hope, makes a very interesting observation about the modern. he says, and i quote him now, quoting from my book "obama's america", he is no ho chi minh. think about that for a minute. he is no ho chi minh. think about that. ho chi minh was a good guy. ho chi minh was a true nationalist and a true freedom fighter and he was trying to push the french and then the americans out of vietnam. he is a good guy. obama -- i mean, osama is not a freedom fighter in the same sense. because he's not defending his own country against american occupation. he is joining with a bunch of gangsters to come and knock down our buildings in the different countries. the gee hotties in iraq and afghanistan, they are freedom
12:40 pm
fighters. they should be given constitutional rights. treated like citizens. but bin laden, the al qaeda guys, they are international criminals. there is no inconsistency in occupied territories. >> i just returned from afghanistan. >> thank you, thank you. [applause] >> my question is regarding afghanistan do you feel that he
12:41 pm
wants to dismantle the u.s. military or there is some other reasons behind it? >> when the question is about the military and resources. he says that we can't afford it, the military cuts. i agree, what i'm trying to say is that we are in a budget crisis and we can't afford interestingly, he doesn't feel that way about other spending. he is loving every other division grow. this gives you a sense of obama's priorities. the truth of it is, you have to increase conventional forces.
12:42 pm
conventional forces are costlier than nuclear bombs. what obama is doing, again with disregard for all these trade-offs, he is slashing book. he is slashing the military and he has also dramatically drive down our nuclear forces in what is going on? i think obama strategy is the opposite of reagan. to put it even more sharply, that reagan deserves some credit, it may be that obama has historical credit for helping to reduce the united states was gone. >> two quick questions.
12:43 pm
grumblings that things aren't looking good for things that are going in the election. what can we do to stop him from bringing us down? >> the question is about martial law. in order to speculate on that thing, i think we have plenty to go on. with what obama actually is doing. we can assess the things that he has done and we can observe what the next steps might be. obama is an american-born guy who is embracing a third world ideology. we have actually traveled opposite paths.
12:44 pm
while it is true, someone said that. first of all, obama didn't disclose that. a lot of people voted their best ideals with obama. they basically said that this is a symbol of america getting beyond its racial past. it would be great to have a president looked like obama and represented what obama represents. obama knew that. and he was able to use that sort of hidden power. but i think now, reporters later, this is part of the message of our film, four years ago, we didn't know president obama. now we do. now, the real decision-making power is not in his hands, not in my hands.
12:45 pm
it is in the hands of the american people. [applause] >> hello, i understand. i want to thank you for what you're doing for king's college and also for what you're doing for this mission. my question is, how can we as parents and grandparents help our family and our friends when it comes to our country than what they can do to make sure that we keep our country and what our grandparents did. >> the question is how do we get people to think about these issues in america. sometimes i kings college, i am making arguments in which they tend to resort an appeal to the bible. i say to them, great, think for a moment. it used to be 50 years ago that
12:46 pm
america was a christian culture of sorts. and you could appeal reflectively, and everyone can agree that that is a good way to live. and everyone can agree that the bible is an authoritative word of god. but now, we are living largely in secular culture. that consensus is somewhat dissolved. so if you're going to make arguments about gay marriage or any other subject, it's not going to be enough to quote from the book of leviticus. you are going to need to have a different language to get through to people who don't share your assumptions. why am i saying this? exactly the same thing is true with modern american conservatism. conservative was once the native language of american politics. but because of some dramatic shifts in our culture, accelerated by president obama. that language is now unfamiliar and strikes people as a certain kind of insider talk.
12:47 pm
it's really important if you want to reach across the aisle to reach out to the middle, to find conservative language that doesn't rely on a certain kind of in-house cliché. like obama is against freedom. because obama is actually for a certain type of freedom. he is certainly for a greater contextual freedom. in other words, what kind of freedom are we talking about? do we want to advance again, things that we understand within the room are not necessarily understood and the logical society. [applause] when i hear obama and hard-core
12:48 pm
liberals speak, they have their own core of rights. they have a true sense of justice. it is very different. can you comment on the role of pastors of the churches in america. because when i look at things, i believe we can take back this country. [applause]
12:49 pm
lots of people who are engineers, scientists, and they are reading about god, this is something that pastors know about. they are disconnected in some ways from the great explosion of knowledge in the world. the economic issues, political issues, and so on. otherwise you could call them christians on sundays and secular people the rest of the week. the broader point i want to make politically in this connection is as this. i don't think that this election
12:50 pm
is about a normal, liberal, conservative debate. because obama is not a traditional liberal. liberals want to redistribute income in america. obama wants to remind america in the world. that is a different agenda completely. and i think for me, through my book, exposing that agenda is a way of challenging obama in his own constituency. even african americans have taken devastating economic losses. but they think he is one of us. he is our champion. one of the things you see in the film is that we don't argue this point.
12:51 pm
you don't say it, you show it. some people say, why doesn't obamacare about the poor? the typical answer is he is very unconnected with ordinary emotional issues. his focus is on the rich. you don't need another. the bottom line is that with obama, you're dealing with a new kind of guy. when i was on c-span a couple of years ago, he said we don't judge people by what they
12:52 pm
believe. so obama claimed his path. this multicultural history and all we are saying is, what these influences really are. let's not just read his book and say, oh, here is a funny multicultural guy. let's realize that this guy was
12:53 pm
a dangerous revolutionary in its values to blow up bridges in to blow up bridges and this guy tried to bomb the pentagon. and this guy is a force of her revelation -- it's not because we are masters, it's because the story has, in a way, not been told. thank you very much. i really appreciate it. thank you. canly >> for more information, visit dinesh d' >> the suspicion was raised when i realized that the car was a rd little lower to the ground on the front. given the rules of engagement, you can't just shoot someonee
12:54 pm
because they looked suspicious. u got >> you got scared, so you kill the man? si it's like, yes, sir, have a gunt and they said, you can't do that. you can't just shoot someone unless you know that they have a weapon. unless you know that they are js aiming and that they have killem someone. i should say, they are in the sahey're action. of i couldn't shoot someone whosus. looked scary were suspicious that only the best thing to do was to yell at him to get out of his car. since i did, i was looking over my left shoulder, facing him, i.
12:55 pm
was doing everything that i'm on supposed to do. that i w i looked at him and said, hey,d get out of your vehicle. and i knew that he heard meout because he looked over hisd i shoulder, straight at me, and me raised his hand off the steering nds of wheel and then put them back b down. nothing happened. it's like, okay, well, maybe he understood. knowhere i yelled at him again. i didn he raised his hands up again. he shook his head no. i then had to make a decision.. boom, my world went black. in ft i woke up a week or so later inu walter reed medical center. my life was forever changed. my world went black, not only physically, being blind rest my life, shrapnel had come my left
12:56 pm
eye and half, entered the frontal lobe of the left side of my brain, and went into the ha right i, going through my ta cornea, back to my retina commentating out my optic nerve. i saw nothing but blackness. i was told by thenothing ophthalmologist he would never e able to see b again.le so my life where physically black. it also went spiritually black. i no longer believe in god. spiy everything that i had done from everything that i had done no longer meant anything to me. i remember my best friend coming in the room, and he said, hey, scott, why don't you say adon't prayer. say and i said i don't know god. t the room went dead silent. if there were gains in the room.
12:57 pm
you would for them to upgrade my wife went back to her room, realizing that i've been married to an awesome man, and i still mad am, and i would be fine being married to a wine guy, but beind married to someone who didn't believe in what he believed inut before, it's somethingeved in different. so she began to pray. friends began to pray from all around the world. my room under i know that doctor slaughter room with tv because i thought the room was huge. littl it is that sport. it still came back to me.t it w i was the one that had toas mak choice in how they choose to make a difference. my company commander called me every day to see how i was my com doing. whatever good commander, now tho commanding general would call ms every week to see how he ise
12:58 pm
doing. something that doesn't normally happen in the organization, to ha have the top leadership call you to see how you're doing? is what i had was amazing and awesome. people like toby keith, a country singer, gary sinise, the actor, they would come in and try to see me and i would say no, i don't want toac see them. no, thank you.-star, one day, my wife said, scotty, and who wants to see you. said, she didn't say who it was. but something hit me. the boy i talked sunday school or three years earlier had tauga driven down to come see me. i don't know if i knew that they were the days to come, the t impact that had made him a youne child had done a 180. made now this child was positively
12:59 pm
impacted me in an amazing way. >> watch this and other programs online by >> the national book festival next weekend on the national mall. you can call and, you can e-mail, you can send it out. go to for the full schedule of author presentations >> ruben martinez presents his thoughts on the economic told the problems in the economy have taken in his book "desert america." >> thank you. thank you so much for being here.


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